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Use the power of the Internet to submit commercial accounts, manage your past due receivables on-line and get paid faster!

At National Collections Systems, our collection services have been designed to get you paid faster with the least amount of effort by you. Our on-line approach to collections offers you a streamlined and comprehensive way to submit claims, request free debtor reports, and view customized information on all your accounts from any computer, anywhere. Our superior technology and international presence offer you the kind of information and leverage that will raise the collectibility average for all of your accounts.

We are not the old school collection agency that all too often functions more like a letter writing service. Our tactics are proven effective and backed up by agents in the field who can visit debtors personally to collect your claim. Meanwhile, you can monitor the daily activity of every claim or account on-line with reports customized specifically for you. All from the comfort of your own office or anywhere else that’s convenient.

We provide professional collection services in all 50 United States and over 80 foreign countries. In fact, we are one of the few agencies that truly specializes in the collection of international claims.

We always provide complete debtor activity reports as a free service to our clients and we work strictly on a contingency basis so there are no upfront fees or charges. We are sure that once you’ve tried our technology and experienced working with our seasoned agents, you’ll be hooked. And so will your debtors! Contact National Collections Systems today to find out more.