Benefits of Onshore Outsourcing

It is no secret that outsourcing has gotten a bad reputation in recent years, but when it comes to vitally important business operations such as client care services and collections, you and your business deserve to have the best. National Collection Systems offers many unique services and benefits that you simply won’t find with any other company. We proudly wear the title of the most respected name in collections outsourcing and we look forward to helping your business do more business.

We will begin our relationship with your company, and our relationship with your clients, by mailing out a series of “customer service” letters. These letters, and the subsequent follow up phone calls, allow us to determine and locate cash flow issues before they become otherwise apparent. This is an incredibly cost effective way to instantly increase your cash flow and limit the number of total overdue accounts. Once a complete inventory of all of your clients has been completed, we will be able to illustrate a complete breakdown of who owes you money, how much and what the status of collections is. This is just one of the many ways Avadanian & Adler helps your business do more business.

Your account will be given a unique toll free number that all of your clients can phone to settle their accounts. It will also be used as a hotline for any and all account questions regarding your business. We accept all major credit cards, checks by phone, wire transfers, FedEx payments and more.

Our fully automated computer system allows you to log in at any time to check the status of all of your past due accounts. There is never any waiting on hold or wondering about the status of your accounts. Our system is accessible 24 hours a day so you can always know exactly what is going on. Our interactive system will also allow you to post new accounts, as well. You can also pull any type of report on your accounts 24 hours a day, including:

  • Progress reports
  • History reports
  • Collection average reports
  • Write off reports
  • Total placement report
  • Fully customizable reports based on your company’s financial reporting needs
  • Client side portal to see all collections info

If you are considering outsourcing your client care or collections services, contact National Collection Systems today to learn more.